WiFi Full Form – What is the full form of WiFi?

WiFi Full Form: Wireless Fidelity WIFI allows an electronic device to transfer data or connect to the Internet using the ISM radio band. It is an inherent technology of wireless local area networks. Wi-Fi allows computers and other devices to communicate over wireless networks.

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  • WiFi Full Form in Hindi: वायरलेस फिडेलिटी
  • WiFi Full Form in English: Wireless Fidelity

What is the full form of WiFi?

WiFi is a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Which connect electronic machines. Its full name is Wireless Fidelity. In Hindi, it means “Wireless Local Area System“, although it is called by many names. Wi-Fi Technology was created about 21 years ago in 1998 by a company called Wi-Fi Alliance.

Actually, Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is not a short form of the name of this technology, but the name came from the Wireless Fidelity brand, which was licensed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Th ese people used to promote this wireless technology through the slogan “The Standard for Wireless Fidelity” and the term Wi-Fi was used in the logo of this technology. Just people started to know this technology in the name

What is wifi?

This is a device with the help of which you can connect many devices and run a net in it, but you have to have electricity to use it, but now many companies also provide the feature of using WiFi through the battery charger. is.

It comes under internet local area network, which means you can use it only for limited range, it is not used outside its limited rank, in this, you are also given a WiFi I’d and a WiFi password which That is secure, using this you can take advantage of WiFi Internet.

If you suspect that someone has come to know your WiFi password, then to maintain its security, you can change the password of your WiFi anytime. There is no fee to change the password and always keep the password in such a way that it is easy Could not know from this, it is very important for your WiFi security.

When you use WiFi, you are shown a signal so that you can know how far you are from the rank and the average range of WiFi can be up to 20 meters, WiFi cannot be used outside this rank. is.

How does wifi work?

It comes in handy for providing internet from one device to another, through it you can connect your device with any active hotspot and run the internet of the hotspot device in your device.

To connect your wifi to any hotspot you need a password that is kept in the hotspot for security but many hotspots do not have secure passwords, you can use them without a password. is.

Along with this, wifi file transfer is also useful, for example, you can see the sender, in which you have to do wifi to transfer the file.

wifi is often used to run the internet on a computer etc. as we cannot install a sim card like a mobile, due to which you need wifi or modem to run the net in pc.

It works only for a certain distance, if you fall outside its range, then your wifi cannot connect to that hotspot due to which you cannot even run internet, etc. Its range can be up to about 20 meters.

WiFi Features (WiFi Full Form)

Nowadays we have many sources to use the internet, some sources are very cheap and some have good speed. But it is important to know what is the specialty of this WiFi technology….


  • Efficiency is the ability of any machine, person, or technology to work.
  • Nowadays everyone uses cellular data in their mobiles because its area is much larger than WiFi. Whereas WiFi works in a limited area only.
  • When you are traveling by train, bus, or taxi, etc., you repeatedly connect to different networks. Due to this, the energy of your phone costs more and this causes the battery of the phone to run out quickly. But this does not happen with WiFi.
  • If we talk about WiFi then WiFi uses radio waves for the internet. This requires an electronic device Router. You can use this router for short distances. With this, the battery of the mobile also does not run out quickly.


  • WiFi is very cheap compared to mobile internet data. Mobile Internet data costs many times more than WiFi.
  • WiFi is a better option for short distances or the same place such as homes, hostel, college, or offices. WiFi is much cheaper than mobile internet and its speed is also very good.
  • There is no limit to using the internet in WiFi, whereas Mobile Internet Data Pack is limited. On using more net than the limit, the money is deducted from the balance of the phone.


  • Comparing the speed of the internet in a WiFi network to the speed of the internet in the mobile network shows that the net speed of WiFi has no match the speed of the internet in the mobile network.
  • Speed ​​in mobile is fine only till online booking or mailing. Mobile takes a lot of time to download anything audio or video. Whereas WiFi allows downloading anything very easily and very quickly.
  • If you are streaming live on your phone, then you will spend more time loading and some interest also cannot come. WiFi is the best because of the high speed.


  • With the introduction of Jio 4G, people have become very easy to use the internet, otherwise, before that, they had to think a lot to recharge the mobile data. If calculated, then you will know that perhaps millions of data have been used by all people for free.
  • If you take any plan of WiFi, then it can be used not only by you but also on your home, office, hospital, etc., by connecting many devices to it and using it.
  • You can also reduce your phone bill by online video calling or voice calling.
  • It is also time-saving as well as money-saving.

Benefits of WiFI Full form

If you use wifi, then it can have many different benefits, about which we are telling you.

  1. Through this, users can access the Internet from any convenient place.
  2. Wifi is the best way to run the internet on a computer
  3. With the help of this, you can share one device’s internet with many other devices.
  4. Through this, you can run the internet for free at the railway stations,s, etc.
  5. This does not require any type of cable etc. to connect to the internet.
  6. This saves a lot of time and money

Disadvantages of wifi

You must have heard this saying many times that every coin has two sides, using wifi, in the same way, can result in some types of losses as well.

Security – In today’s time, security has become very important for everyone, many times hackers, etc. lure free wifi to hack any device and by that they give user data like credit card & debit card details, password, photo, video, file, social account, etc. can also be hacked, so before using any wifi, get a little information about his network.

Range – As we have told you earlier that it works only to a certain range, if you fall outside its range then your device’s internet connection may be broken and the internet can also be shut down.

The biggest risk in this is security, so you should use any free wifi very carefully so that you do not face any kind of problem later.

FAQ’S About WiFi Full Form

Q . What does WiFi mean?

Ans: WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity and is the same thing as saying WLAN which stands for “Wireless Local Area Network.” See also: How to Boost Your WiFi Signal (Part 1) WiFi works off of the same principal as other wireless devices – it uses radio frequencies to send signals between devices.

Q . What is total WiFi?

Ans: (Perfect for two-story homes and small business networks) Our New “Total” Network delivers a revolutionary wireless approach to resolving dropped WIFI signal throughout your Home or Small Business. … Perfect for your Home Security video solutions, Gaming, and 4K video streaming!

Q. How much does WiFi cost? (WiFi Ka Full Form)

Ans: The available internet packages vary greatly by location but on average cost about $50 per month for about 100 Mbps of speed. When you opt for less-expensive packages, you tend to get fewer Mbps per dollar. Higher-end packages will cost you more but tend to deliver more Mbps per dollar.

Q. Did a woman create WiFi?

Ans: Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian-American actress and inventor who pioneered the technology that would one day form the basis for today’s WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth communication systems.

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