TBH Full Form – What is the full form of TBH?

TBH Full Form: To Be Honest, is called being honest in Hindi. It is an Internet Slang Word and usually, you have heard the name TBH or Hashtag on the internet on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

  • TBH Full Form in English: To Be Honest
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  • TBH Full Form in Hindi: ईमानदार होना
  • TBH Full Form in Marathi: प्रामाणिक असणे

What is the full form of TBH?

Before sharing other information related to tbh, we get to know about its full name.


These words are used to praise someone on most social media etc. It means ‘to be honest’ in Hindi and if you want to praise someone for some work or other reason, you can use the word, to be honest for him. Most people use TBH in sort form to save time, this saves their time.

The term is mostly used on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and most people use it as a hashtag. If a person is intelligent or to be honest, then he can write TBH more easily. And it also saves his time.

What is TBH meaning?

Like we told you above that the meaning of this word is to be sensible and you can use this word at any time for any person for whom you want to use, as if you have a relative or friend, you are respected. If you want to do something or someone who does some difficult work, then you can use TBH to praise him.

TBH is done while sharing truthful and honest posts on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter because you all know that there is much text that people have little difficulty in writing, so people mostly use words We try to write in easy words, it is also a similar type of word.

TBH History in Hindi

Now we are telling you some interesting information about it. TBH Massanging Application was purchased by Facebook for Rs 650 crores. The main reason for buying this app was that any user’s feedback could be taken by 4 American students. The application was built in August and shortly after its launch, more than 50 lakh people had downloaded this app.

By downloading this app with so many people in such a short time, you can get an idea about its popularity and this was the reason that Facebook bought this app for 650 crores rupees.

When to use TBH

You can use it to post on social media etc. If you post about any honesty or opinion on social media, then you can use TBH in place of honest, this word is easy to write.

Often people post anything related to honesty etc. If you want to use, To Be Honest in it, then it is a bit difficult to write, due to which people use this word as TBH so that this word can be spoken. Be easy.

This word is used by most people on most social media and the meaning of tbh text meaning is honest and recently most people use this word also as a hashtag, you will find this word in many places.

TBH Full Form in Chat slang

TBH Meaning (Miscellaneous)

To be honest (TBH) is used to express honestly how a person feels about another person or an idea.

TBH Full Form in Airport Codes

TBH Meaning (Transport & Travel)

Tugdan Airport (IATA code: TBH, ICAO: RPVU) is a public airport located in Barangay Tugdan, Alcantara, Romblon, Philippines.

TBH Full Form in IRCTC Station Codes

TBH Meaning (Transport & Travel)

Tatibhar (railway station code: TBH) is a railway station in the state of Assam, India. It belongs to the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR).

TBH Full Form in Buildings & Landmarks

TBH Meaning (Regional)

The Bilingual Theater of Houston (Spanish: Talento Bilingue de Houston, TBH) is a bilingual English-Spanish theater located in Houston, Texas, United States.

TBH Full Form in Buildings & Landmarks

TBH Meaning (Regional)

The Bilingual Theater of Houston (Spanish: Talento Bilingue de Houston, TBH) is a bilingual English-Spanish theater located in Houston, Texas, United States.

tbh Full Form in Language Codes

To tbh Meaning (Regional)

The Tharwal language (ISO 639-3 language code: tbh) is an extinct Aboriginal language of New South Wales, Australia.

What does TBH mean for Instagram?

Criteria of using TBH is a bit interesting on Instagram as it is considered as the currency of Instagram with which anyone can announce a public offer for their TBH picture to Like, Comment, Follow. So what it means is that, once you like Like or Comment or both from one person and the cycle of commenting applies to everyone, you can comment them or like their image or take them back like Comment and follow that.

Today’s generation is very keen to show off among the people and it is also a trend to display yourself in front of your other friends or people. It is not about liking or commenting about people who are of the opposite. Surprisingly you can comment and follow like anyone.

TBH Full Form in Instagram Story

Tbh has become a common English language in today’s time, it is so common that it has its own brevity. This is also used a lot on Instagram, but many people do not know its meaning and purpose in writing. Actually, the purpose of Tbh written below your Instagram Story or post on Instagram is to show oneself true honest and make people understand that story or post right.

It is also used for confessions against a lie, it is written with a hashtag so that the post can reach as many people as possible.

FAQ’S About TBH Full Form

Q. What is a tbh on Instagram?

Ans. Tbh,” the acronym that stands for “to be honest,” has taken on a different meaning since it was first adopted by teens. … She explained that on Instagram, a “tbh” is used to say something nice about your friends.

Q. What is a tbh on Snapchat?

Ans. TBH means “To Be Honest” on Snapchat. While sending this slang, a person is expressing that they are speaking the truth while talking to them. TBH is a trending acronym on Snapchat that is used most often on this social media app.

Q. What does TBH and IDK mean?

Ans. to be honest
tbh – to be honest. IDK – I don’t know.

Q. What TBH Should I give my friend?

Ans. TBH Ideas for Someone You Don’t Know Very WellTBH your posts always make me smile. TBH I love the aesthetics in your photos! TBH I’d love to know you IRL cause you seem like a good guy/girl. TBH I love your witty captions.

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