PWD Full Form – What is the full form of PWD?

PWD Full Form: Public Works Department, What is PWD Full Form and what is PWD called, and what are its functions, we will tell you about all these so that you can get complete information about PWD in Hindi.

Often we all hear and see the name of PWD in many different places. If you read the newspaper or watch the news, then you often get to hear this type of name there, but you have to know about its full name. Is also very important.

  • PWD Full Form in English: Public Works Department
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  • PWD Full Form in Hindi: लोक निर्माण विभाग
  • PWD Full Form in Marathi: सार्वजनिक बांधकाम विभाग

Whichever city you live in, there will definitely be a PWD office and if you have information about their work, etc. then you can get them to do the work related to them, if needed, in such a way, this type of information is very Is useful.

PWD Full Form In Hindi

Before telling about what a PWD is, we are telling you about its full name so that you can know its name.


It is also called Public Works Department in Hindi, it is a government department and its main task is to do road construction, building construction, construction of bridges, etc. PWD operates at the state level.

PWD provides pure water to the city and if water pipes etc. are broken somewhere in the city, repairing it, etc. and repairing the roads and schools, hospitals, buildings, etc., and renovation, etc. are done

What is PWD?

PWD is a government organization that works under the state government and each city has separate offices of PWD which work for water, building, construction, and repair, etc. in that city.

Any construction work related to the public is done by them, in this, small works ranging from construction of a pipeline to the construction of government hospital or construction of the school, etc. are done by it.

PWD Full Form in Commands

PWD Meaning (Computing)

The print working directory (PWD) is a Linux / Unix command that prints the current working directory.

Work of PWD

There are many tasks of PWD such as repairing roads, buildings, water facilities, school hospitals, etc. under the government.

  • Drinking water system
  • Government building
  • Road construction
  • Construction of bridges

All these types of tasks and moreover, many tasks have to be done by a PWD officer and apart from this, many other tasks are also done by him.

Make arrangements for drinking water

Often, there is a problem of water on the day of arrival in villages or cities, many times there is no water even to the pins of the people, in such a situation it is their job to arrange water for the people.

Providing drinking water in all areas of the city and repairing water, etc., is the job of the PWD if a water pipeline breaks in the city.

Government building

The construction of a government building in the city and repairing government buildings etc. are the work of PWD, they also provide the work of starting school and hospital, etc.

If any hospital or school etc. is being constructed or any old government building is under construction then all those works are covered under PWD.

Road construction

You will find this problem everywhere that there are many broken roads in the villages and cities, due to which many people have to face many problems with this.

Construction of a new road in the city and if the road is broken somewhere, then the main work of PWD is to repair it.

Construction of bridges

Under its area, it is the main task to build bridges, etc. as per requirement and to repair the bridge in case of an accident.

All these tasks fall under the purview of PWD and apart from this, there are many other different tasks which have to be done by them, but we have told you that they are the main functions of which you are very important to know about them.

FAQ’S About PWD Full Form

Q. What is the full form of PWD?

Ans. The full form of PWD is Public Works Department. PWD full form in Hindi is Public Works Department. It is a department of the Government of India, concerned with the construction and maintenance of public infrastructures such as roads, government buildings, bridges, water systems, and others.

Q. What does PWD mean?

Ans. The full form of PWD is the “Public Works Department”. Which is called the “Public Works Department” in Hindi language.

Q. What is the candidate of Public Works Department?

Ans. Engineer is directly recruited as Junior Engineer (Group B, Non-Gazetted) in the Central Public Works Department.

Q. What is the role of PWD?

Ans. Providing consultancy services in planning, designing, and construction of civil engineering projects, as and when required by public undertaking and other autonomous bodies. Construction of Embassy and other buildings/projects abroad at the request of Ministry of External Affairs and other Ministries.

Q. What is PWD in civil engineering?

Ans. Karnataka Public Works Department (PWD) is a government agency that is in charge of the public works in Karnataka. It was founded in 1856 and is responsible for constructing and maintaining buildings of government departments and PSUs.

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