PCS Full Form – What is the full form of PCS?

PCS Full Form: Provincial Civil Services, PCS Officer Details In Hindi. A PCS Officer is a key position obtained by a candidate upon being admitted to the State Public Service Commissions. The State Public Service Commission can only recruit students who have cleared the PCS exam for their particular state.

  • PCS Full Form in English: Provincial Civil Services
  • Category: Academic & Science
  • PCS Full Form in Hindi: प्रांतीय सिविल सेवा
  • PCS Full Form in Marathi: प्रांतीय नागरी सेवा

In today’s article, you will know what is PCS? What is the eligibility of PCS? What are the Fees of PCS? Can you study after Provincial Civil Services? How much will you get after Salary? So let’s know

What is PCS?

PCS For maintenance of law and order and revenue administration, PCS officers handle positions at various levels such as district, Mandal, and sub-divisional.

What is the full form of PCS?

PCS Full Form In English – “Provincial Civil Services”
PCS Full Form In Hindi: “प्रांतीय सिविल सेवा”

The PCS exam qualification

For appearing in PCS Exam, you must have a Minimum Graduate Certificate from any recognized university. You cannot apply for this exam without doing Graduation. Your citizenship should also be from India only.

Age limit for PCS exam

To take PCS exam, your minimum age should be 21 years and your maximum age should be up to 40 years. Candidates in reserved categories will be given upper age relaxation as per government categories. For example, SC / ST / OBC category students are given exemption up to 5 years.

How to do PCS?

The recruitment of PCS Officers is done through the State Civil Services Examination conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC). The PCS exam is notified as to the United States / Upper Subordinate Services Examination. To pass the exam on the first attempt, the candidates should start their preparation early and also have a proper plan to cover the entire Syllabus.

Preparation of PCS exam

PCS syllabus can be prepared with the right strategy. Candidates have to study the fundamentals first and then go for the application part of the subjects. To get more marks in the PCS exam it is important to interlink the subjects.

Physical Criteria for PCS Officer

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission has kept special educational qualifications for this post for some special posts like (Police Officer, Prison Officer), etc. for posts generally 165 -167 cm in length and other posts.

PCS Full Form in Military

PCS Meaning (Governmental)

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) is the official transfer of an active duty military service member as well as a separate duty location with family members, such as living in a military base.

PCS Full Form in Universities & Institutions

PCS Meaning (Academic & Science)

Pinellas County School is a school district serving Pinellas County, Florida, United States.

PCS Full Form in Technology

PCS Meaning (Technology)

Personal Communication Services (PCS) is a name given to many wireless technologies and services that typically operate in the 2 GHz range.

PCS Officer Selection Procedure

It is very important for you to know its selection process, because if you want to get a job in it or any other post, then it is very important to know what its selection process is.

We are telling you about the selection process of PCS, how many types of its selection process are there, after which you can get this job.

The selection process of PCS Officer has been decided by UPPSC in 3 different stages.

  • Preliminary examination
  • Main exam
  • Personality Test

Preliminary examination

After applying for the PCS Officer, the candidates have first conducted the preliminary examination, in which all the candidates who apply take part, there are 4 question papers of 200 -200 marks which are of general study and 150 of Hindi and Nibandh. There will be question marks of 150 marks and question papers of optional subjects will be of 200 -200 marks.

Main exam

Candidates who have been declared successful in the preliminary examination are called in the main examination, in which the question papers and their marks have been determined as follows.

  • Hindi – 150 marks
  • Essay – 150 marks
  • General Studies 1 – 200 Marks
  • General Studies 2 – 200 Marks
  • GeneralStudies 3 – 200 Marks
  • General Studies 4 – 200 Marks
  • Elective Subject Paper 1 – 200 Marks
  • Elective Subject Paper 2 – 200 Marks

Personality Test

Candidates who have been declared successful in the preliminary examination and in the main examination are called for an interview. Earlier the interview was of 200 marks but you have reduced it to 100 marks and your views on the subject, the ability to decide in adverse situations, and Leadership ability are tested.

In this, you should have information related to the current events and it should be clear in your mind that they are qualified candidates for this job and position. Interviews test the personality of the candidates. This would also be the last step to become your PCS Officer. You can do this after the entire reason is PCS Officer.

After all the exams, merit is issued, from which their names are added to it based on the performance of the people, and according to the merit, the people are also selected for this post. Information related to this can also be obtained.

PCS exam syllabus

As you have already been told about the total of PCS Exam. Your total paper will be 2000 marks. The Syllabus of PCS will be something like this on Topic. Such as

  • Current events of national and international importance,
  • Indian History and National Movement:
  • Indian polity and governance
  • Social and economic development
  • Indian Geography and World Geography
  • Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • general Science

Similarly in General Hindi Subject, word composition, syntax, idioms, words, etc.

Similarly in General English Subject, Comprehension, Part Of Speech, Active & Passive Voice Etc.

In Mathematics, your Topic will be Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics.

PCS Full Form in Regional Organizations

PCS Meaning (Associations & Organizations)

The Public and Commercial Services Association (PCS) is the largest trade union in the United Kingdom. The PCS represent employees in civil service and other public sector employees as well as some commercial organizations.

PCS Full Form in Diseases & Conditions

PCS Meaning (Medical)

Post-concussion syndrome, PCS. The PCS is a specific set of neuropsychological (thinking, behavioral, and emotional) disorders caused by brain injury, aka constriction. and PCS occurs as a result of actual, physical, damage or brain injury caused by an external force.

PCS Full Form in Networking

PCS Meaning (Computing)

The Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) helps define physical layer specifications for networking protocols such as Fast Protocol, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

PCS Full Form in Diseases & Conditions

PCS Meaning (Medical)

Precordial catch syndrome (PCS) is the most common cause of recurrent chest pain. It is also sometimes referred to as “a stitch in the side” or a “tweed of Texidor”. It is most frequent in children and adolescents.

PCS Meaning in various Indian Languages

PCS meaning in Arabicالخدمات المدنية الإقليمية
PCS meaning in Bengaliপ্রাদেশিক সিভিল সার্ভিসেস
PCS meaning in EnglishProvincial Civil Services
PCS meaning in Gujaratiપ્રાંતીય નાગરિક સેવાઓ
PCS meaning in Hindiप्रांतीय सिविल सेवा
PCS meaning in Kannadaಪ್ರಾಂತೀಯ ನಾಗರಿಕ ಸೇವೆಗಳು
PCS meaning in Malayalamപ്രൊവിൻഷ്യൽ സിവിൽ സർവീസസ്
PCS meaning in Marathiप्रांतीय नागरी सेवा
PCS meaning in Nepaliप्रान्तीय सिभिल सेवाहरू
PCS meaning in Punjabiਸੂਬਾਈ ਸਿਵਲ ਸੇਵਾਵਾਂ
PCS meaning in Sindhiصوبائي سول سروسز
PCS meaning in Tamilமாகாண சிவில் சேவைகள்
PCS meaning in Teluguప్రాంతీయ సివిల్ సర్వీసెస్
PCS meaning in Urduصوبائی سول سروسز

What is the job of a PCS officer?

A PCS Officer can hold various positions at the sub-divisional, district, divisional, and state levels ranging from the operation of revenue administration and maintenance of law and order. After that, you can do many posts like – Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Block Development Officer, Assistant Regional Transport Officer, Assistant Commissioner (Commercial Tax), District Commandant Home Guards, Treasury Officer / Accounts Officer (Treasury ), Crane Inspector, and Assistant Sugar Commissioner, Superintendent Jail, Manager Credit (Small Industries), Etc.

PCS officer salary

Salary Minimum Yearly Rs.78,800 to Maximum Rs. There can be up to 2,18,200.

FAQ’S About PCS Full Form

Q. What is difference between IAS and PCS?

Ans. IAS officers are appointed by the President of India but they work under the State Government whose cadre is allocated to them. PCS officers are appointed by the Governor of the State so they are under the total control of the State Government.

Q. What is PCS qualification?

Ans. The educational qualification for the PCS exam is: Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University or equivalent qualification. There are also some post-specific PCS Exam qualifications which are given below.

Q. What PCS officer do?

Ans. PCS officers hold various posts at sub-divisional, district, divisional, and state-level from conducting revenue administration and maintenance of law and order.

Q. Is PSC exam easy?

Ans. When compared to the IAS exam, the state PSC exam is less hard. So you can definitely farewell and your chances of getting selected for Class 1 officer will be much better. As mentioned by Mr. Partha, the pattern of both the exams and subjects are almost similar.

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