NSDL Full Form – What is the full form of NSDL?

NSDL Full Form: National Securities Depository Limited, National Science Digital Library (NSDL) is an open access online digital library and collaborative network of education providers. NSDL’s mission is to provide quality digital resources, both formal and informal, institutional and individual, to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education community.

  • NSDL Full Form in English: National Securities Depository Limited
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  • NSDL Full Form in Hindi: नेशनल सिक्योरिटीज डिपॉजिटरी लिमिटेड
  • NSDL Full Form in Marathi: नॅशनल सिक्युरिटीज डिपॉझिटरी लिमिटेड

What is the full form of NSDL?

The full form of NSDL is “National Securities Depository Limited”, NSDL is the depository of securities in India, which includes the securities of investors like Shares, Bonds and Debentures in electronic format. Now let’s get to other general information about it.

NSDL stands for National Securities Depository Limited. It is the first and largest central securities depository in India, which was set up to resolve issues related to paper-based settlement of securities such as poor delivery and delayed transfer of title. NSDL is India’s largest and first Electronic Securities Depository. It was created on the suggestion of the National Institute for Economic Development. Its Headquarter is located in Mumbai, and it was established on 8 November 1996.

NSDL is promoted by Industrial Development Bank of India Limited (IDBI), Unit Trust of India (UTI) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), to name a few, Industrial Development Bank of India Limited (IDBI), Unit Trust of India (UTI). National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE).

NSDL meaning in Firms & Organizations

NSDL Meaning (Governmental)

National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) is the first securities depository in India. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, India.

NSDL Full Form in Regional Organizations

NSDL Meaning (Associations & Organizations)

The Nova Scotia Drama League (NSDL) was incorporated by an act of the provincial legislature in 1951 to promote and encourage drama and theater in Nova Scotia.

NSDL Meaning in various Indian Languages

NSDL meaning in Arabicشركة الإيداع الوطنية للأوراق المالية المحدودة
NSDL meaning in Bengaliজাতীয় সিকিওরিটিজ ডিপোজিটরি লিমিটেড
NSDL meaning in EnglishNational Securities Depository Limited
NSDL meaning in Gujaratiનેશનલ સિક્યોરિટીઝ ડિપોઝિટરી લિમિટેડ
NSDL meaning in Hindiनेशनल सिक्योरिटीज डिपॉजिटरी लिमिटेड
NSDL meaning in Kannadaನ್ಯಾಷನಲ್ ಸೆಕ್ಯುರಿಟೀಸ್ ಡಿಪಾಸಿಟರಿ ಲಿಮಿಟೆಡ್
NSDL meaning in Malayalamനാഷണൽ സെക്യൂരിറ്റീസ് ഡിപോസിറ്ററി ലിമിറ്റഡ്
NSDL meaning in Marathiनॅशनल सिक्युरिटीज डिपॉझिटरी लिमिटेड
NSDL meaning in Nepaliराष्ट्रिय धितो जम्मा लिमिटेड
NSDL meaning in Punjabiਨੈਸ਼ਨਲ ਸਿਕਉਰਿਟੀਜ਼ ਡਿਪਾਜ਼ਟਰੀ ਲਿਮਟਿਡ
NSDL meaning in Sindhiقومي سڪيورٽي ڊپارٽمينٽ لميٽيڊ
NSDL meaning in Tamilநேஷனல் செக்யூரிட்டீஸ் டெபாசிட்டரி லிமிடெட்
NSDL meaning in Teluguనేషనల్ సెక్యూరిటీస్ డిపాజిటరీ లిమిటెడ్
NSDL meaning in Urduنیشنل سیکیورٹیز ڈپازٹری لمیٹڈ

FAQ’S For NSDL Full Form

Q. What is the purpose of NSDL?

Ans. The NSDL was established as an attempt to modernize the Indian financial market by building a dematerialized format for all securities traded across India. These securities include bonds and shares in the form of physical and non-physical certificates, held in specialized bank accounts known as Demat accounts.

Q. How do I know if CDSL or NSDL?

Ans. The Demat account has a 16-digit numeric character in the case of CDSL, whereas in the case of NSDL, the Demat account number starts with “IN” followed by a 14-digit numeric code. An example of a Demat account number is CDSL can be 01234567890987654 where an instance of a Demat account number is NSDL can be IN01234567890987.

Q. Is NSDL safe?

Ans. NSDL is one of the two government-authorized depositories in India. It is governed by the Depositories Act, 1996. NSDL is a safe, reliable, and well-regulated depository.

Q. What is NSDL process?

Ans. NSDL stands for National Securities Depository Limited. It is India’s oldest and largest depository. … It contains the securities in electronic form as opposed to the previous method of recording paper transactions of shares, bonds, and other financial instruments. The NSDL can be compared to a bank.

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