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As such we all know how important the farmer is in our country because he works hard for our maintenance and on this hard work he gets the means of income which we (MSP) know as MSP. . MSP is a type of fixed income that is provided by the government to farmers on their crops. So friends, today we are going to provide you complete information related to MSP through this article like what is MSP, Minimum Support Price Full Form, what is the purpose of minimum support price, what are its benefits, MSP It is decided by whom, on which crops MSP is declared and how the Minimum Support Price is decided. You are requested to read this article in detail.

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  • MSP Full Form in Hindi: न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य
  • MSP Full Form in English:  Minimum Support Price

What is MSP?

The Minimum Support Price, also known as the Minimum Support Price, is a type of guaranteed price that is provided to farmers on their crops. There is no fluctuation in the income of farmers even if the price of crops is reduced through the minimum support price. The price of crops in the markets is more or less impacted by the farmers, hence the minimum support price is fixed by the government on the crops of the farmers. This gives a big relief to the farmers because the farmers are in a lot of problems due to the fluctuations going on in the market. That is why the demand for MSP is the highest by the farmer. The Minimum Support Price rate on agricultural produce works to provide protection to the farmer for minimum benefit of the crop.

What is the purpose of Minimum Support Price?

The main objective of the minimum support price is to protect farmers from the exploitation of middlemen and to provide a good value of their products to them. If due to production of bumper crop or due to its excess in the market, its price falls below the declare value, then the government’s crops are purchase by the government at the minimum support price, so there is no fluctuation in the income of farmers And they get their fixed income. The main objective of the Minimum Support Price is to provide a fixed income to the farmers according to their hard work so that they can easily maintain and make further work on the crops ahead.

What is the full form of MSP?

MSP’s full form Minimum Support Price, also known as Minimum Support Price, is a type of fixed income that is provide to farmers on their crops irrespective of whether the crop has produced more or less. This does not cause any harm to the farmers.

What is the MSP calculating formula?

  • Price A1-manual labor + animal labor + machine labor + ground revenue + other prices
  • Price A2- Price A1 + Land Rent
  • Family Labor – Family members’ hard work
  • Price C2- Price A1 + Family labor + Rent of land owned + Interest on fixed capital (excluding land)

How is MSP Determined

Several ministries and departments together assist the CACP in determining the MSP. Farming and production costs play an important role in the MSP’s recommendation. Many important information of this kind is provide to CASP. Determination of MSP depends on the following factors such as

  • Value of production
  • Changes in internal values
  • The similarity between internal and external values
  • Overview of the market value of crops
  • Consumption and supply
  • Equality of values ​​of many crops
  • Impact of Industrial Infrastructure
  • Effects on living values
  • International situation of values
  • The similarity between the price paid and the price found by the farmers
  • Impact on issued price and subsidy

Farmers of ending MSP in farmers

As we all know, for the last two months, lakhs of farmers have been sitting on the streets of Delhi border leaving the comforts of their home. One thing is discusse repeatedly in this movement and that is the MSP. The farmers say that the government intends to abolish the MSP due to the formation of three new agricultural laws made by the government, but the government says that after enacting these new laws, the MSP system will remain the same, instead, the farmers will get more and more Allah Will go. Agricultural experts believe that traders in agricultural markets have to pay mandi fees but when they buy outside, they will not have to pay tax, so one by one traders will go out of the market for their demand and once the market If finished, it will be difficult to get MSP.

Is there any legal obligation to implement MSP in India?

There is no legal obligation to implement MSP in India, stated Siraj Hussain, Visiting Senior Fellow of ICRIER. There is a legal aspect to the MSP of only one crop and this crop is sugarcane. In fact, the price of sugarcane is fixed according to the Sugarcane (Control) Order 1996, which was issue under the Essential Commodities Act. This order sets a fair and remunerative price (FRP) for sugarcane every year. Gives the arrangement of According to FRP (earlier SMP), the sugar mills are responsible for payment. (PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana)

How is MSP beneficial for farmers?

  • The farmers do not price the crops through the Minimum Support Price.
  • Even if the prices of the crops of the farmers fall in the markets, they are provided with a fixed MSP.
  • The income of farmers increases through MSP.
  • Farmers are assure of getting MSP.
  • They get the MSP fix on time by the government.
  • The loss of subscribers is reduce through MSP.

Why is the Minimum Support Price Declared?

The main objective of declaring the minimum support price is that if the production of food grains exceeds that in a given year, the farmers provide food grains to the poor for the Store Saver Public Distribution System. and MSP is a very beneficial price for our farmers through which they get a means of good income.

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What is the issue related to MSP?

There are five related issues related to the minimum support price, which are as follows

  • The second MSP does not differentiate between different classes; it just refers to an average high quality.
  • The third MSP has been fixed for paddy and wheat procurement which is directly related to PhD.
  • Fifth, our trade policy for agricultural products is also distorted which is being managed by the exports of others.

On which crops do you get MSP?

22 compulsory crops for which MSP is being announced by the government for the last 3 years. Out of these crops, 14 crops are kharif such as paddy (common and grade A) jowar (hybrid and Maldi varieties) millet, maize, ragi, arhar, moong, urad, groundnut, soybean, sunflower, rosewood, nigresid cotton (medium staple) And long staple variety) and 6 Rabi crops such as wheat, barley, gram, lentils, rapeseed and mustard safflower and two commercial crops Riz Juth and Khopra.

Who decides MSP?

It comes under the Ministry of Agriculture of the country. This institution was started in January 1965, when it was named the Agricultural Price Commission in 1985, after adding the cost to it, it was named the Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission. It gives its figures to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs and the Government of India and decides the MSPs of different crops after getting permission from these three places.

How is MSP fixed?

The MSP is factored into the data of some of the Commission’s standards such as

  • Cost of a particular crop in different areas of the country
  • Farming expenses and changes in the next year
  • Cereal growers spend per quintal and change in next year
  • Demand and availability of food grains in the world.
  • The cost of transporting food grains from one place to another.

FAQ’S About MSP Full Form

Q. What is the full form of MSP?

Ans. B Sivaraman, Secretary to the Government of India, stamped it for the last time on 19 October 1965, after which a fixed support price for wheat was announced for the first time for 1966-67. This is usually called the Minimum Support Price.

Q. What is MSP and APMC?

Ans. MSP (Minimum Support Price) means the minimum support price. This is the lowest price at which government agencies like FCI (Food Corporation of India) buy crops from farmers. APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) is the Agricultural Produce Market Committee.

Q. What is MSP UPSC?

Ans. It is the price of any crop, which is paid by the government agency while purchasing the crop. In the Union Budget for the financial year 2018-19, the government announced the minimum support price (MSP) to be one and a half times the cost of production of farmers.

Q. What is Farmer Bill?

Ans. Farmers bill 2021 pdf in Hindi / The Bill which went under the Farmers Bill 2021 was first passed by the Lok Sabha “Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Simplification) Bill, 2021” and the second “Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Price Assurance” And the Agreement on Agricultural Services Bill, 2021 ”.

Q. Who Announces MSP?

Ans. The minimum support price is announced by the government on the recommendation of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices twice a year during the Rabi and Kharif seasons. The Central Government sets the MSP for 23 types of commodities on the recommendation of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP).

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