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  • IBM Full Form in English: International Business Machines
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  • IBM Full Form in Hindi: आंतरराष्ट्रीय व्यापार मशीनें
  • IBM Full Form in Marathi: आंतरराष्ट्रीय व्यवसाय यंत्रे

In this article, I will tell you what is IBM Full Form? What is IBM Full Form In Hindi? What is IBM? And What is the history of IBM? With this, I will tell you what are the interesting facts of IBM company?


The full form of IBM is “International Business Machines” and it has “International Business Machines” in Hindi. It is considered an American multinational information technology company. It is headquartered in Armonk, New York, United Nations. The company is spread over more than 170 countries. The company was started in 1911 as a computing-tabulating-recording company, after which it was renamed in 1924 to be named International Business Machine.

What does IBM mean?

IBM Company is a Multinational Technology and Consulting Organization that is considered a trusted brand in the IT sector. The current CEO of this company is Ginni Rometty. The IBM company mainly works in the manufacture of computer hardware and software and in addition provides Basic Infrastructure Hosting and Consulting Services. It is a company whose products can be divided into various categories like Cloud, Cognitive, Data and Analysis, IT Infrastructure, etc. and at the same time, it also offers Business, Mobility, Networking, Flexibility Services, Security Services, Technology.

IBM Full Form In Hindi

IBM Full Form In Hindi is “आंतरराष्ट्रीय व्यापार मशीनें“.

What is IBM?

IBM means International Business Machines. It is a multinational technology and consulting organization which is a trusted brand in the IT sector. It is headquartered in Armonk, New York and the current CEO of IBM is Ginni Rometty. The IBM company manufactures computer hardware and software and provides infrastructure, hosting, and consulting services.

IBM products can be divided into various categories such as cloud, cognitive, data and analytics, IT infrastructure, and so on.

Its services include business, mobility, networking, resiliency services, security services, technical support services, etc.

Apart from this, it also provides various enterprise and business solutions.

In addition, IBM is also a leading research organization, which holds the record for most US patents generated by a business for 27 consecutive years.

IBM’s inventions include ATM (What is an ATM Full Form?), Floppy disk, hard disk drive, magnetic stripe card, relational database, SQL programming language, UPC barcode, and (DRAM) (Dynamic Random-Access Memory).

What are the interesting facts about the IBM company?

  • The IBM company’s logo “8 times” is designed by Paul Rand.
  • The company is also known as “Big Blue” due to the blue color in the IBM company’s logo and products.
  • IBM company operates in more than 170 countries.
  • The IBM mainframe, exemplified by System / 360, was the dominant computing platform during the 1960s and 1970s.
  • IBM is one of the world’s most staffed companies. It had about 350,000 employees working as of 2018.
  • IBM employees are known as IBMers.
  • 70% of IBMers are located outside the United States, and India is the country with the largest number of IBMers.
  • The IBM employees have been awarded five Nobel Prizes, six Turing Awards, ten National Medals of Technology (USA), and five National Medals of Science (USA).

IBM Full Form in Diseases & Conditions

IBM Meaning (Medical)

Inclusion body myositis (IBM) is an inflammatory muscle disease characterized by progressive muscle weakness and wasting.

IBM Full Form in Physics

IBM Meaning (Academic & Science)

The Boson Model to Interaction (IBM) is a model in nuclear physics.

IBM Full Form in Courses

IBM Meaning (Academic & Science)

International Business Management (IBM) is a program that combines business management principles, practical applications, and various aspects of existing samples. The program focuses on developing, managing and leading international businesses.

IBM Full Form in Professional Associations

IBM Meaning (Associations & Organizations)

The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M) is an international organization of magicians based in St. Charles, Missouri, United States.

IBM Full Form in Geology

IBM Meaning (Academic & Science)

Izu-Bonin-Mariana (IBM) arc system, a plate tectonic convergence range in the Pacific Ocean.

IBM Services

  • Technical Support Service
  • Networking
  • Security Service
  • Mobility
  • Business & Corporate Solutions

History of IBM

Charles Ranlett started on 16 June 1911 under the name of Flint Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR). This business started by combining three businesses: the Tabletting Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company, and the Computing Scale Company.

  • Later in 1924, CTR was renamed IBM.
  • IBM launched its first computer in 1953. Which was a basic electronic device.
  • In 1957 IBM created its first programming language, FORTRAN.
  • In 1933 and 1935 IBM acquired the rights to the Electric Typewriter.
  • Launched its first Hard-Drive in 1956.
  • Launched floppy disks in 1967.
  • Built its first ATM in 1972.
  • Launched its first personal computer in 1981 named IBM PC.

In 2012, IBM had a workforce of 435,000 and it became the second-largest company in the US after that.

FAQ’S About IBM Full Form

Q. What is IBM famous for?

Ans. IBM is a global technology company that gives services to us like software, hardware, and cloud-based services, cognitive computing. Founded in 1911 following the merger of 4 companies in any State by Charles Ranlett Flint, it had been originally called Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company.

Q. Who founded IBM?

Ans. Charles Ranlett Flint

Q. Is IBM a German company?

Ans. In 1924, Watson assumed the role of Chief military officer of CTR and renamed the corporate International Business Machines (IBM). Willy Heidinger, who remained the chief executive of Dehomag, the German subsidiary that IBM owned 90% of, was an enthusiastic supporter of the Hitler regime.

Q. What is the meaning of the IBM?

Ans. International Business Machines
IBM stands for International Business Machines, a multinational computer and knowledge technology company.

Q. What is the salary for freshers in IBM?

Ans. The average annual salary for Fresher in IBM is INR 5.2 lakhs in India. Salary estimates are supported by 8 IBM salaries received from various employees of IBM.

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