GST Full Form – What is the full form of GST?

GST Full Form: Goods and Services Tax, About GST, we are telling you what is GST Full Form and what it is, and how we can fill GST, in this article we are going to tell you information about this, many people who care about GST So, but do not know what the full name of GST is, so it is very important for all people to know the full name of GST because many times in future we need information related to it.

  • GST Full Form in English: Goods and Services Tax
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  • GST Full Form in Hindi: गुड्स एंड सर्विस टैक्स
  • GST Full Form in Marathi: गुड्स आणि सर्व्ह टॅक्स

As you may know, GST is an indirect tax that was levied on many services and goods, GST was applied to all other states of India, except Jammu and Kashmir, at 12 o’clock on Friday. If there is no information about GST, then today we are going to tell you what the GST Full Form is and the complete information of GST in Hindi.

GST Full Form

What is the full name of GST, we tell you about it so that you can know its full name.


GST KA FULL FORM IN HINDI – गुड्स एंड सर्विस टैक्स ( वस्तु एवं सेवा कर )

According to the Indian Constitution, the state government of all states had the right to levy tax on the sale of goods and products and the central government used to levy tax separately on the production of services and goods, due to the separate service tax of the state government and the central government. The GST was launched in India with the aim of making it very complex and extremely plan, in which only one tax is levied on all items in the whole of India.

What are the types of GST?

There are three types of GST.

  • State GST
  • Central GST
  • Integrated GST
  1. State GST is implemented by the state government.
  2. Central and Integrated GST are implemented by the Central Government.

What is GST?

In India, it is a tax to be applied on different things. If we take any goods from the market or purchase any Vastu, then we give the same value as before and the shopkeeper also from the market and any company from the market We buy the product in the same way, but the way of giving the text has been changed to a great extent.

GST Meaning in various Indian Languages

GST meaning in Arabicضريبة السلع والخدمات
GST meaning in Bengaliপণ্য ও পরিষেবা কর
GST meaning in EnglishGoods and Services Tax
GST meaning in Gujaratiસામાન અને સેવાઓ કર
GST meaning in Hindiवस्तु एवं सेवा कर
GST meaning in Kannadaಸರಕು ಮತ್ತು ಸೇ ವಾ ತೆರಿಗೆ
GST meaning in Malayalamവസ്തുക്കളും സേവന നികുതിയും
GST meaning in Marathiवस्तू आणि सेवा कर
GST meaning in Nepaliसामान र सेवा कर
GST meaning in Punjabiਗੁਡਸ ਐਂਡ ਸਰਵਿਸਿਜ਼ ਟੈਕਸ
GST meaning in Sindhiسامان ۽ خدمتون ٽيڪس
GST meaning in Tamilபொருட்கள் மற்றும் சேவைகள் வரி
GST meaning in Teluguవస్తువులు మరియు సేవల పన్ను
GST meaning in Urduسامان اور خدمات ٹیکس

GST Full Form in Rules & Regulations

GST Meaning (Governmental)

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. In India, GST replaced many indirect taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) and Service Tax. The tax rate under GST is set at 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% for various goods and services.

GST Full Form in Biochemistry

GST Meaning (Medical)

Glutathione S-transferase (GST) is a group of enzymes involved in the detoxification process.

GST Full Form in Rules & Regulations

GST Meaning (Governmental)

Generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax is a tax on property that is passed on to a grandparent (or great-grandson) in a will or trust.

GST Full Form in Business Terms

GST Meaning (Business)

The General Sales Tax (GST) is a tax on the supply of most goods and services in Belize.

GST Full Form in Psychology

GST Meaning (Medical)

General Strain Theory (GST) is a theory of criminology that states that a threshold of stress or tension increases the likelihood of a crime.

GST Full Form in Airport Codes

GST Meaning (Transport & Travel)

Gustavus Airport (IATA code: GST, ICAO: PAGS, FAA LID: GST) is an airport located in Gustavus, Alaska, United States.

GST Full Form in Time Zones

GST Meaning (Regional)

Gulf Standard Time (GST) is a coordinated universal time (UTC) + 04: 00-time zone offset. GST is 4 hours ahead of UTC. The time zone inspected areas are mainly in South-Western Asia. It runs through the countries of Oman and the United Arab Emirates. And GST is not adjusted for day savings, therefore, GST remains the same throughout the year.

GST Full Form in Astronomy & Space Science

GST Meaning (Academic & Science)

Greenwich Siderial Time (GST) is 0 ° at longitude time. Sidereal time is used by astronomers to keep track of Star Time. The sidereal time is defined as the hour angle of the first point of the Aries sign. Essentially, it describes a specific position of the sky relative to the Earth.

GST Full Form in Governmental Organizations

GST Meaning (Associations & Organizations)

Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik (GST) was a military organization in Germany that provided pre-military training.

GST Full Form in Companies & Corporations

GST Meaning (Business)

Gulf States Toyota (GST) is a distributor of Toyota vehicles in the United States.

What is tax?

Most people know about tax, but many people are not aware of it, there are always two types of tax, direct tax, and indirect tax.

Direct tax – In India, the number of people giving this tax is very less because not all people do jobs, etc. And not all people are traders who can fill the tax, only an estimated 4% of people fill direct tax in India.

Indirect tax – This tax has to be paid by all people or is taken from everyone because if you buy any goods etc., then there is already added tax money to it and if you buy that item then you will get the money from the goods. Also, tax money is taken which is associated with the price of the product.

You do not have to pay the indirect tax directly to anyone, but it is taken along with the goods, etc.

Central excise tax

This tax is taken by the central government and not by the state government, and when any goods are made in a company or factory, then its tax is taken, which adds up to the cost of that salmon.

Sales tax

If any person sells any goods, then the tax to be taken from that seller is sales tax, just as if a mobile shop is selling Samsung phone, then the government takes the tax to sell that phone which would have to be given to the shopkeeper or salesman. is.

It is usually taken by the state government, but if you sell any goods outside a state, then the central government can also take this tax.

Apart from these, there are many different types of tax in India, some of them are main, about which every Indian is very important to know.

FAQ’S About GST Full Form

Q. What is the maximum rate of IGST

Ans. The maximum rate applicable under IGST cannot exceed 40%. However, it varies across products like daily needs and household necessities, and luxurious items. For example, a maximum of 18% can be charged on medicines, and 28% can be charged on air-conditioners.

Q. What is the maximum rate of SGST and CGST?

Ans. GST is collected across five tax slabs that falls in 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. However, the charges across products and SGST and CGST cannot exceed 20%.

Q. How many types of GST are there?

Ans. GST full form Goods and Services Tax is of 4 different types. These GSTs are Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST), Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST)., State Goods and Services Tax (SGST), and Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST).

Q. Who is the father of GST?

Ans. Mister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his government were actually behind the full meaning of GST. In 2000, this government first brought up the concept of GST. But it was implemented in 2017 by the BJP government.

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