FIR Full Form – What is the full form of FIR?

FIR Full Form: First Information Report,This is called First Information Report or FIR. FIR is the written document of the then information of any crime. Friends, when any untoward incident happens to us, after that we go to the Police Station and there according to our information the details of the incident which we give to the police, the police first records that information in writing. Information written in this written form is called FIR.

  • FIR Full Form in English: First Information Report
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  • FIR Full Form in Hindi: प्रथम सूचना रिपोर्ट
  • FIR Full Form in Marathi: प्रथम माहिती अहवाल

What is the full form of FIR?

The full form of FIR is “First Information Report“, in the Hindi language it is called “First Information Report”. If we say in simple language, then it is a notice given to the police in relation to any criminal incident.

FIR is a written document prepared by the police, friends, when there is a crime and someone gives information about that crime to the police, then the police prepares a document on the complaint of the person giving that information, and This document itself is called FIR.

You will know that in a serious crime, a police officer has every right to make an arrest even without a warrant, many copies of friends’ FIR are made and one copy is also given to the victim, as you know FIR. It is a very important document because it helps the police officer in the process of criminal justice very much, only after the FIR is register, the police can start an investigation.

What is an FIR?

Any incident which is written for action with the police is call FIR. We also know this information by the name of First Information Report, it is a very popular word. When the police get information about a crime, a written document is prepare by them, it is an important informational document.

On the basis of which police pursue legal proceedings, any person can write a report about Serious Crime whenever he wants. It is also the right of the person who makes an FIR, the report of the FIR should be read to him and a copy of that should also be given to him, that is what the policy says. But this does not happen. After the FIR, the police have complete right to Arrest the accused and investigate on the copy of the FIR must be signed by the complainant.

An FIR is a document on the basis of which the police start proceedings to punish the guilty. In case of theft of some goods, FIR is necessary to claim insurance. Apart from this, there is a risk of abuse of your thing, due to which you get caught in a crime that you did not commit.

FIR Meaning in various Indian Languages

FIR meaning in Arabicتقرير المعلومات الأول
FIR meaning in Bengaliপ্রথম তথ্য প্রতিবেদন
FIR meaning in EnglishFirst Information Report
FIR meaning in Gujaratiપ્રથમ માહિતી અહેવાલ
FIR meaning in Hindiप्रथम सूचना रिपोर्ट
FIR meaning in Kannadaಮೊದಲ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ವರದಿ
FIR meaning in Malayalamആദ്യ വിവര റിപ്പോർട്ട്
CRPF meaning in Marathiप्रथम माहिती अहवाल
FIR meaning in Nepaliपहिलो सूचना रिपोर्ट
FIR meaning in Punjabiਪਹਿਲੀ ਜਾਣਕਾਰੀ ਰਿਪੋਰਟ
FIR meaning in Sindhiپهرين اطلاعاتي رپورٽ
FIR meaning in Tamilமுதல் தகவல் அறிக்கை
FIR meaning in Teluguమొదటి సమాచార నివేదిక
FIR meaning in Urduپہلی انفارمیشن رپورٹ

FAQ’S For FIR Full Form

Q. What happen after Fir?

Ans. Once an FIR has been filed the police are legally bound to start investigating the case. … Once the investigation has been concluded the police will record all their findings in a ‘Challan’ or charge sheet. If it is deemed that there is enough proof on the charge sheet the case goes to court.

Q. What is the validity of an FIR?

Ans. If the police have not arrested him means the police are still investigating the case. There is no time limit for filing a charge sheet though if an accused is in police custody or in judicial custody he is entitled to bail if the charge sheet is not filed within 60 or 90 days under 167 Cr.

Q. What is FIR process of fir Class 8?

Ans. File an FIR: A proper procedure to file an FIR is as follows: The informant meets the officer in charge at the police station and narrates the sequence of events. The officer writes down the complaint and it is signed by the informant. The information given is then entered into a book to keep by the officer.

Q. What is full from of police?

Ans. Full Forms of Police Department and Designations. Fun fact: ‘Police’ itself is an abbreviation of ‘Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies’.

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