DRDO Full Form – What is the full form of DRDO?

DRDO Full Form: Defense Research and Development Organisation,The DRDO is called the Defense Organization and Development Organization. It is an agency of the Government of India. Its headquarters is located in New Delhi. DRDO is the country’s premier body for research related to India’s defense. It functions as a unit of the Indian Ministry of Defense. It was established as the technical department of the Indian Army and Defense Sciences.

  • DRDO Full Form in English: Defense Research and Development Organisation
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  • DRDO Full Form in Hindi: रक्षा अनुसंधान और विकास संगठन
  • DRDO Full Form in Marathi: संरक्षण संशोधन आणि विकास संस्था

Presently, the institute has its own 51 laboratories. Those who work in the field of electronics, defense equipment, etc. Many big and important projects related to radar, missiles, etc. are going on here.

What is the full form of DRDO?

Today we will know what is the full form of DRDO? (DRDO Full Form In Hindi) Why do you know that the weapons of the Indian Army and the things that are for war come from where? Who makes these weapons? So let’s know, the Indian Army has weapons and munitions that are made by DRDO.

Before DRDO was not established in India, India used to get most of the weapons for its military from around 70% outside countries. But after the establishment of DRDO, most war goods are produced and sold to other countries as well. In today’s article, we will know what is DRDO, DRDO Ka Full Form Kya Hota Hai, DRDO Meaning In Hindi, What Is DRDO Full Form In Hindi So, let’s know

What is DRDO?

The full form of DRDO is Defense Research and Development Organization. It is called Defense Research and Development Organization in Hindi. DRDO is an institution of the Republic of India responsible for the research and development of the military.

It was established in 1958 as the technical department of the Indian Army and Defense Science Institute. Defense Research and Development Organization is the country’s apex body for research activities related to the defense of India. DRDO is an important organization of the country which is behind the development of defense technology. The main mission of this organization is to develop modern systems of defense systems and technologies.

Apart from this, it is the job of this organization to provide technology solutions for the country’s defense services. More than 5000 scientists and about 25000 technical staff are the resources of this organization. DRDO has played an important role in developing special materials to meet the needs of defense forces.

Keeping in mind the needs of a war scenario, this institution has started developing unmanned fighting machines which are very important. The DRDO is headquartered in New Delhi and is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Defense, Government of India. As of November 2016, Dr. S. Christopher is the Director-General of DRDO, and Dr. GS Reddy is the Scientific Advisor to the Minister of Defense.

When was DRDO established?

Now it is our turn to know when drdo was established. drdo was established in 1958 to strengthen India’s military strength and was established as the technical department of the Indian Army and Defense Science Institute.

Drdo works under the Ministry of Defense and is currently headed by Dr g Satish Reddy. The headquarter of this agency of the Government of India is in Delhi and its origin is strengths origin is in science. Malaysia is the basic science of Shakti i.e. Power Science. Now DRDO is 30,000 employees out of which 500 are Scientists and that’s why Drdo is a very special institution.

History(DRDO Full Form)

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) works under the Department of Defense Research and Development of the Ministry of Defense. It establishes in 1958 in Delhi. It creates by integrating the Indian Institute of Science (Defense Science Organization) with the Technical Development Establishment and the Directorate of Technical Development and Production of the Indian Ordnance Factory.

1960 DRDO started its first project. The first project name Indigo. The aim was to develop surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). But this project was not completely successful, which was later discontinue. Then in 1970, Project Indigo led Project Devil with Project Valiant. And under this leadership, there were plans to develop several missiles including Agni, Prithvi, Akash, Trishul, and Nag missiles.

DRDO target (What is DRDO work?)

The main objective of DRDO is to work towards making the country self-sufficient in the production of world-class competitive weapon systems and equipment as per the requirements of the three defense services. And to make the country rich by providing a strong foundation in world-class science and technology.

In addition, the DRDO target works on strengthening military infrastructure, providing technical solutions related to defense services to seniors, strengthening sensor systems, and developing quality manpower.

DRDO objectives DRDO objectives

DRDO DRDO is a powerful organization of India which is in full form “Defense Research and Development Organization headquarter in New Delhi. It works to strengthen India which has to work for the following purpose.

  1. DRDO is an institution of the country that works to strengthen India with weapons and provide security.
  2. DRDO The main objective was to create mood and environment through better interaction between DRDO scientists.
  3. Working on various topics such as achieving fame in both national and international places, tries to promote technology activities by inviting leading experts, conducting seminars, debates, lectures, conferences, discussions, etc.
  4. DRDO DRDO mainly generates awareness among scientists in the field of the latest discoveries in various fields of science and technology.
  5. This peer exchanges scientific ideas among scientists.
  6. DRDO always tries to promote the trend of study and scientific culture among scientists by collecting scientific work and technology information.

Important facts related to DRDO full form

Various topics are discuss by DRDO DRDO’s scientists and DRDO scientists and scientists outside it. In addition, “National Science Day” is observed every year on 28 February and “National Technology Day” on 11 May every year, and along with this, Defense Science Forum also organizes seminars and seminars on a regular basis.

What are the age limits in DRDO?

So if we talk about the edge limit in drdo, then the audio should have an edge for 18 to 28 years.

How to get permanent jobs recruitment in DRDO.

  • So now we also talk about permanent jobs in drdo. So the recruitment of permanent job in drdo is done in two ways 1. Gate, 2. Captain.
  • BTEC people are recruit through the gate. BTech people have to qualify for a written exam and then later you are call for an interview. You get selected in DRDO through the marks obtained in tests and interviews.
  • On the other hand, if you talk about certain, its full name is the center for personal talent management. The qualifications that are included in it are admitted in it, diploma, and BSc, you can apply in September.

What is the salary in DRDO?

So if you talk about salary in drdo, then diploma and BSc people get 50,000 rupees every month. And it is given ₹ 32000 per month.

FAQ’S About DRDO Full Form

Q. What is DRDO work?

Ans. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is a defence R&D hub that develops defence technologies, systems/products that are required for Indian Armed Forces. DRDO develops defence technologies in the project mode.

Q. Can I join DRDO after 12th?

Ans. Yes, you can join DRDO after the 12th as a store assistant or admin assistant. Also if you have an ITI certificate, you can join DRDO as a technician in the desired discipline.

Q. How many DRDO are there in India?

Ans. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was established in 1958 by amalgamating Defence Science Organisation and some of the technical development establishments. A separate Department of Defence Research and Development was formed in 1980 which now administers DRDO and its 50 laboratories/establishments.

Q. What is the qualification for DRDO?

Ans. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in Science or a 3-years Diploma in Engineering/Technology/Computer Science/allied subjects in the required discipline from a recognized institute. Candidates who are pursuing their final year degree in any stream are also eligible to apply for DRDO 2021.

Q. What is the syllabus of DRDO?

Ans. DRDO CEPTAM MTS exam comprises two tiers: 1 and 2. The syllabus of tier 1 comprises topics from General Intelligence & Reasoning AbilityGeneral Awareness, and Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability. DRDO CEPTAM syllabus 2020 for Tier 2 comprises topics from General Science, General Math, and General English.

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