DM Full Form – What is the full form of DM?

DM Full Form: District Magistrate, DM Full Form Kya Hai? Who is a DM? How to become a DM as well as what qualifications have been prescribed to become a DM, you want to get answers to such questions.

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  • DM Full Form in Hindi: जिला अधिकारी
  • DM Full Form in English:  District Magistrate

Do you also want to know what is the full form of DM? Who is a DM? How to become a DM? Answers to all the questions will be given to you in simple language in this post today. For more information, read this post completely.

DM Full Form? DM Meaning?

Friends, you have often heard about different full forms of OK, SBI, ICICI, and right now you are thinking about the full form of DM. Does DM really have full form, then let me tell you Yes, DM has a full form, first of all, let me tell you about the full form of District Magistrate that DM Ka Full Form Kya Hai?

DM is Full Form – District Magistrate.

D – District
M – Magistrate

What is the full form of DM?

Friends, you must have come to know about the full form of DM and now let me tell you what DM is called in Hindi. The DM is called the District Officer in Hindi, which is the largest post (DM) in the district. The DM is called the District Officer.

Who is a DM?

You must have heard about big posts like District Collector, SDM, DCP, IPS and would have also wanted to know. Have you ever thought that DM Kon Hota Hai? So let me tell you DM is the biggest post in the district. It is the chief district officer of the district, it is called DM. The largest post (District Magistrate) is that of District Magistrate i.e. District Officer and is followed by District Collector and then Deputy Commissioner, thus the posts of the largest district.

The post of DM comes under the Indian Civil Service, this post started in 1977. Let us tell you that the salary of DM is between about 80000 to 100000 and also tell that IAS officer is given the post of DM, he has a lot of authority and powers related to the district, which it itself Can present.

How to become a DM?

Friends, there are many of you who want to become DM, but let me tell you, it is not so easy to reach DM post. To become a DM, first of all, you have to get a CSC exam done by UPSC, which you have to pass. And after which you become an IAS officer and only after its promotion, you are made a District Officer ie DM, which is only possible during a promotion. Also, you cannot become a DM.

For DM, first of all, you have to keep in mind the qualifications mentioned, if you want to become a DM, then you have to pass the IAS Exam, otherwise, you will not be able to become a DM and you also have to fulfill the prescribed qualifications and the given qualifications.

Qualifications to become a DM?

Friends, if any of you want to become DM, then some qualifications have been set for that, whatever qualifications have been set, you should know about what qualifications are necessary to become DM after all.

Qualifications to become a DM?

  • To become a DM, you must have graduated from any university. With this, the university from which graduates complete, the university should be registered.
  • Your national qualification should be from India only.
  • Those who belong to the general category should be between 21 to 30 years of age.
  • Age should be between 21 to 33 from the OBC category.
  • SC and ST should be between 21 to 35 years of age.

salary Of DM

Friends, if you talk about the salary of DM, then the monthly salary of DM is between 75000 thousand to 1.5 lakhs, their salary is every month because DM is an IAS Officer, hence the salary of DM also comes under this and in addition to salary. Also, DM gets a lot of facilities DM salary comes under senior service, they have a private accommodation and a private car and many such facilities which DM continues to benefit from.

DM Selection Process

To become DM full form: DISTRICT MAGISTRATE, you have to take the UPSC-sponsored CSE (Civil Services Examination) exam, after which you become an IAS officer. It goes through three stages, each step of which you have to pass, only then you can become IAS i.e. DM.

FAQ’S About DM Full Form

Q. What is the difference between DM and Collector?

Ans. The District Magistrate or Collector is the Chief Executive, Administrative, and Revenue Officer of the district. He establishes necessary coordination between various government agencies functioning in the district. The post of District Magistrate was created in 1772 by Varenhestings.

Q. What is DM full form?

Ans. Today I will tell you what is the full form of DM. Along with this, I will also give you a little information about DM. Dm Ka Full Form (District Magistrate) is there. And in Hindi, we call District Magistrate (District Magistrate).

Q. What is an Instagram DM?

Ans. The meaning of DM means Direct Message means to send Private Messages to a social media user.

Q. How are DM formed?

Ans. To become a DM, the candidate has to pass the CSE exam to be done under the Union Public Service Commission. If you pass this exam then you become an IAS officer. You are promoted to DM after some time as an IAS officer.

Q. What does a DM do?

Ans. The main function of DISTRICT MAGISTRATE is to maintain law and order in its district which is a district magistrate in each district who will also have authority over all the employees working at their lower level and can suspend them if the DM wants to.

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