LED Full Form – What is the full form of LED?

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LED Full Form: Light Emitting Diode, If we talk about its history, then for the first time in the year 1907, LED was placed in front of this world when electroluminescence was discovered by British scientist H.J.Round in Marconi Labs. After that, in 1961, when Gary Pittman and Robert Biard were doing their experiments in … Read more

KGF Full Form – What is the full form of KGF?

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KGF Full Form: Kolar Gold Fields, While the 2018 film ‘KGF’, touted as the biggest Kannada film of the year, has generated curiosity about this forgotten mining town, and India’s gold rush, the makers have admitted that the film Not a historical account, but a work of fiction. However, this compares to the actual story … Read more

UGC Full Form – What is the full form of UGC?

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UGC Full Form: University Grants Committee, The University Grants Commission of India (English: University Grants Commission, short: UGC) is a central government commission that recognizes universities. The same commission also provides grants to government-recognized universities and colleges. UGC Full Form in English: University Grants Committee Category: Academic & Science » Universities & Institutions UGC Full Form in … Read more

TRP Full Form – What is the full form of TRP?

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TRP Full Form: Television Rating Point, You must have heard the news on newspaper, TV, or social media many times that the TRP of this channel or this particular show has come so much. This channel became the number one in terms of TRP, the show’s TRP is skyrocketing. All this news keeps on coming. … Read more