CPU full form – What is the full form of CPU?

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CPU full form: Central Processing Unit, The term CPU was first used in the computer industry in the early 1960s. Initially, the term CPU was used to define a device for software execution. CPU Full Form in English: Central Processing Unit Category: Computing » Hardware CPU Full Form in Hindi: सेंट्रल प्रोसेसिंग यूनिट CPU Full Form in … Read more

RSS full form – What is the full form of RSS?

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RSS full form: Really Simple Syndication, RSS presents itself as a cultural organization, not a political one. One who advocates a Hindu nationalist agenda under the banner of Hindutva, or “Hindu-ness”. The group is hierarchically structured under the guidance of a national leader, while there are regional leaders. A major emphasis is placed on dedication … Read more

CCC Full Form – What is the full form of CCC?

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CCC Full Form: Course on Computer Concepts, You can do this course in two ways, in the first you can apply online by visiting the official website of the National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, and in this, you will have to pay around Rs 590 as Exam Fees, and in the second Nielit, … Read more

IRDA Full Form – What is the full form of IRDA?

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IRDA Full Form: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, IRDA works as an organizational setup, and the chairman and members of IRDAI are appointed by the Government of India. At present, the work of IRDA is to protect and regulate the interests of the policyholders, promote economic and financial reforms of the policyholders, ensure the corrective … Read more

IDE Full Form – What is the full form of IDE?

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IDE Full Form: Integrated Development Environment, There are many other features in the IDE like through this we can store the code online, and using this you can format the code and optimize the code, its special thing is that it has many plugins. And there are extensions that are very helpful in creating a … Read more

ETA Full Form – What is the full form of ETA?

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ETA Full Form: Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA arrival time is Estimated. It is also called Expected Time of Arrival. ETA is now one of the popular internet slang. It is used to show the amount of time remaining for a particular unit to arrive or something is expected to be done. This unit can … Read more

TCP Full Form – What is the full form of TCP?

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TCP Full Form: Transport Control Protocol, TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. It is a protocol or set of rules and procedures that govern the communication between computers over the Internet. Although the entire Internet Protocol Suite is commonly referred to as TCP/IP, it is one of the core protocols of the Internet Protocol … Read more

SIM Full Form – What is the full form of SIM?

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SIM Full Form:  Subscriber Identification Module, Now let’s talk about GSM and CDMA SIM, what is it and what is the difference between these two. See, when we talk about SIM, the first two names that come to our mind are GSM and CDMA, but we do not know what is the difference between these … Read more

AM Full Form – What is the full form of AM?

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AM Full Form: Ante Meridiem, If we talk about the full form of AM, then the full form of AM is Ante Meridiem. You must be finding it a bit strange to read this word because it is not a word of the English language, but it is a word of Latin language. This word … Read more

LED Full Form – What is the full form of LED?

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LED Full Form: Light Emitting Diode, If we talk about its history, then for the first time in the year 1907, LED was placed in front of this world when electroluminescence was discovered by British scientist H.J.Round in Marconi Labs. After that, in 1961, when Gary Pittman and Robert Biard were doing their experiments in … Read more