NACH full form – What is the full form of NACH?

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NACH full form: National Automated Clearing House, (NACH) is an electronic clearing system in India, set up by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), to facilitate interbank, high volume, electronic transactions that are repetitive and periodic in nature. It is useful for corporate and financial institutions that make payments in bulk, such as salaries, … Read more

PNR Full Form – What is the full form of PNR?

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PNR Full Form: Passenger Name Record, PNR is the record of a passenger traveling by train, bus, and flight. When we book tickets for us, we give complete details like name, mobile number, gender, all the information is stored in the Computer Reservation System (CRS). A 10 digit number is generated in that computer’s place. … Read more

ETA Full Form – What is the full form of ETA?

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ETA Full Form: Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA arrival time is Estimated. It is also called Expected Time of Arrival. ETA is now one of the popular internet slang. It is used to show the amount of time remaining for a particular unit to arrive or something is expected to be done. This unit can … Read more

USP Full Form – What is the full form of USP?

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USP Full Form: Unique Selling Proposition, Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or Unique Selling Point is a marketing strategy of creating a unique proposition to the customers that convinces them to switch brands. It was used in advertising campaigns from the early 1940s. USP Full Form in English: Unique Selling Proposition Category: Medical » Healthcare USP Full Form … Read more

CNG Full Form – What is the full form of CNG?

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CNG Full Form: Compressed Natural Gas, In the 1800s, the use of natural gas as a fuel for vehicles was started. Natural gas vehicles were first invented in the United States. After World War II, Italy and other European countries adopted CNG as the primary fuel. CNG is found on oil deposits. It can also … Read more

HCL Full Form – What is the full form of HCL?

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HCL Full Form: Hindustan Computers Limited, HCL Infosystems was formed in the year 1976 when eight entrepreneurs believed that a microprocessor could change the world and quit their corporate jobs to work together. HCL In the year 1978, India’s first 8C microcomputer Designed and introduced. And HCL launched 16-bit processor-based microcomputer in the year 1980.HCL … Read more

HR Full Form – What is the full form of HR?

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HR Full Form: Human Resources, Human Resources (HR) is a term used to describe the individuals who make up the employees of an organization. Human Resources (HR) or Human Resource Management (HRM) is a professional discipline that deals with a strategic and comprehensive approach to the management of the people working in an organization. HRM … Read more

KIT Full Form – What is the full form of KIT?

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KIT Full Form: Kolhapur Institute Of Technology, What does KIT mean? Kolhapur Institute of Technology College of Engineering (KIT) was established in 1983. It is affiliated with Shivaji University, Kolhapur, and approved by AICTE, New Delhi. KIT Full Form in English: Kolhapur Institute Of Technology Category: Governmental » Weapons & Forces KIT Full Form in Hindi: कोल्हापुर … Read more

ISI Full Form – What is the full form of ISI?

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ISI Full Form: Indian Standards Institute, ISI is an Indian Standards Institution. and It is an institution that mainly works to set standards for systematic industrial development and to maintain quality in industrial production. It also provides an ISI mark, which is a certification mark for industrial products in India. It is a sign that … Read more

IRS Full Form – What is the full form of IRS?

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IRS Full Form: Indian Revenue Service, The Indian Revenue Service (IRS), the administrative revenue service of the Government of India, is one of the Group A services. The IRS is a central civil service that functions under the Department of Revenue in the Union Ministry of Finance and is concerned with collecting and managing various … Read more