NACH full form – What is the full form of NACH?

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NACH full form: National Automated Clearing House, (NACH) is an electronic clearing system in India, set up by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), to facilitate interbank, high volume, electronic transactions that are repetitive and periodic in nature. It is useful for corporate and financial institutions that make payments in bulk, such as salaries, … Read more

EOD full form – What is the full form of EOD?

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EOD full form: End of the Day, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is the process by which explosive devices are detected, identified, field evaluated, rendered safe, recovery, and final disposal. EOD Full Form in English: End of the Day Category: Governmental » Military EOD Full Form in Hindi: दिन का अंत EOD Full Form in Marathi: दिवसाचा शेवट … Read more

LLP Full Form – What is the full form of LLP?

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LLP Full Form: Limited Liability Partnership, A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership in which some or all of the partners (depending on the jurisdiction) have limited liability. It, therefore, exhibits elements of partnerships and corporations. One partner in an LLP is not responsible or liable for the misconduct or negligence of the other … Read more

KFC Full Form – What is the full form of KFC?

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KFC Full Form: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Haaland Sanders is the founder of KFC. He was born in 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. His fried chicken recipe was a big hit. In 1952 he franchised his recipe for Pete Herman in South Salt Lake, Utah. By 1967, it had become the sixth-largest restaurant chain in the US … Read more

CCC Full Form – What is the full form of CCC?

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CCC Full Form: Course on Computer Concepts, You can do this course in two ways, in the first you can apply online by visiting the official website of the National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, and in this, you will have to pay around Rs 590 as Exam Fees, and in the second Nielit, … Read more

IRDA Full Form – What is the full form of IRDA?

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IRDA Full Form: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, IRDA works as an organizational setup, and the chairman and members of IRDAI are appointed by the Government of India. At present, the work of IRDA is to protect and regulate the interests of the policyholders, promote economic and financial reforms of the policyholders, ensure the corrective … Read more

CIBIL Full Form – What is the full form of CIBIL?

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CIBIL Full Form: Credit Information Bureau of India Limited And Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL) is a credit information agency in India that maintains the credit history of commercial and consumer borrowers. CIBIL provides this information to its members in the form of a Credit Information Report. The CIBIL provides credit grantees to … Read more

OTG Full Form – What is the full form of OTG?

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OTG Full Form: On the Go, Nowadays a lot of smartphones and tablets have USB OTG functions. OTG makes sure you can connect other devices to your smartphone or tablet, such as an external pen drive, mouse, or keyboard. But do you know how it works, or how it works for your phone? and what … Read more

NPA Full Form – What is the full form of NPA?

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NPA Full Form: Non-performing Asset, We can also understand NPA in such a way when the bank gives a loan to a person. So sometimes it happens that the person taking a loan is not able to make regular payments to the bank due to some reason. After which the bank sends a notice to … Read more

NSDL Full Form – What is the full form of NSDL?

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NSDL Full Form: National Securities Depository Limited, National Science Digital Library (NSDL) is an open access online digital library and collaborative network of education providers. NSDL’s mission is to provide quality digital resources, both formal and informal, institutional and individual, to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education community. NSDL Full Form in English: … Read more