ATM Full Form – What is the full form of ATM?

ATM Full Form: Automated teller machine, we will know about the full form of ATM, But you must have heard its name, and not only that, you must have used it too, but you will not know what is the full form of ATM.

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Full Form of ATM in Hindi (स्वचालित टेलर मशीन)

Therefore, all of you are being told the full form of ATM through this post, which you can get information about it by reading it completely. In this post with the full form of ATM, you will get more information about it. So you can read this page till the last to know about its full form.

ATM Full Form – Automated Teller Machine

ATM has a (Automated Teller Machine) and it is call Automatic Teller Machine in Hindi.

A – Automates

T – Teller

M – Machine

An ATM is an electro-mechanical machine, which is use for financial transactions from a bank account. If we say in such a language, ATM is an automated transaction machine. ATM is such an automated computer machine with the help of which bank customers can withdraw money without going to the bank.

And let all of you know that John Shepherd-Burron invented ATM in 1960.

The biggest advantage of an ATM is that you can withdraw money without going to the bank with the help of it. And ATMs are also of two types. The first type of ATM you can use only to withdraw money and take account balance information.

And using another type of ATM, you can also deposit money, and also make a credit card payment. From this, you can also get information about your account.

Two types of cards are mainly use to withdraw money from ATMs, Debit Card and Credit Card, but Debit Card is used much more in today’s time than Credit Card.

What is the main function of an ATM?

  • You can also shop for shopping or do some shopping and collect your fees using the ATM.
  • You can register a mobile number using ATM and Massage can be obtained.
  • And using ATM you can also get a PIN code and a new PIN.
  • You can find your bank account details anytime and anywhere using ATM.
  • One big advantage of using an ATM is that we do not have to carry excess money anywhere, and this also protects our money.
  • Using ATM, you can withdraw and deposit your money from your Bank Account anytime and anywhere.

How does ATM work?

Please tell everyone that to withdraw money from the ATM machine, you have to insert your plastic ATM card inside the ATM machine, which is given to you by the bank.

In some ATM machines, you have to drop your card and in some machines, you have to swipe the card.

These cards contain information related to your account in the form of a magnetic strip, so whenever you swipe your card, the machine gets the information about your account.

After which she asks for your PIN number after which you can withdraw or deposit money from ATM after successful insertion.

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ATM Full Form GK Question

Q: What is the full form of ATM? (atm full form in Hindi)

Ans: Full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine.

Q: What is ATM called in Hindi?

Ans: ATM is called an automatic calculator machine in Hindi.

Q: Where was the world’s first ATM installed?

Ans: The world’s first ATM was install by Barclays Bank in London at its branch in Anfield Town in London on 27 June 1967.

Q: Who invented ATM?

Ans: ATM was invente by John Shepherd Baron of Scotland. John Shepherd Baron was born on 23 June 1925 in Shillong in the state of Meghalaya, India.

Q: When was the first ATM installed in India?

Ans: India’s first ATM was set up by HSBC Bank in 1987 in Mumbai.

Q: What are the types of ATMs? (types of atm Full form)

Ans: Following are the types of ATM.

  • Bank atm
  • Brown Level ATM
  • White Level ATM

There are also some specific types of ATMs.

  • Green Level ATM
  • Pink level atm
  • Orange Level ATM
  • Yellow level atm

Q: What are bank ATMs?

Ans: These types of ATMs are install and operated by a specific bank on its own.

Q: What is Brown Level ATM?

Ans: When banks entrust their ATM operations to a third party, the ATMs installed by that third party call brown-level ATMs. This type of ATM has the logo of that bank.

Q: What is White Level ATM?

Ans: ATMs own by a non-banking institution are called white-level ATMs. For example – Muthoot Finance ATM, Tata Indicash, etc. There is no bank logo on this type of ATM.

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