APMC Full Form – What is the full form of APMC?

APMC full form: Agricultural Produce Market Committees The APMC is an Agricultural Produce Market Committee, a marketing board set up by state governments in India, to ensure that farmers are protected from exploitation by large retailers, as well as to ensure that farms are highly efficient for retail price propagation. Do not reach high levels. The APMC is regulate by the states through the adoption of the Agricultural Produce Marketing Regulation

APMC full Form in Hindi : कृषि उपज विपणन समिति
APMC full Form in English: Agricultural Produce Market Committee
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What is APMC?

APMC is a scheme run by the government, through which all farmers can sell their grains by going to the markets on their own. There are some committees under this scheme to ensure that no person is exploiting farmers by purchasing their produce from farmers for less money. If a person of this type is found, who buys the produce of the farmers for less money, then he is also given appropriate punishment.

Some important information of APMC

APMC was introduce by the government in the 1950s. The scheme was start to rectify the plight of the farmers, but it had some errors earlier, which have now been correct.

What is the full name of APMC?

A: – agricultural
P: – produce
M: – market
C: – committee

Current APMC Act

  • Through this new system of APMC, farmers can now send their grains directly to the markets.
  • Other farmers can also buy exportable goods directly from farmers and for this, we do not need to go to APMC.
  • Now farmers will not have to pay any kind of fee for keeping food in cold storage.
  • The responsibility of APMC has now been increasing in the new system.
  • Farmers will be given a full exemption for the private yards.
  • Farmers will be given the freedom to sell their crop produce to any buyer.
  • Direct purchase centers have create for farmers to export their crops.
  • Under this Act, farmers will be able to send their grains easily without the support of any person.
  • Some other facts of the APMC Act: –
  • In some states, contract farming may require registration by APMC.
  • Your contract agreement has to enslave in APMC, which will work to resolve disputes arising out of the contract.
  • Contract farming enter into MC in 2003.
  • Under this rule, 20 states will amend their APMC Acts for contract farming.
  • APMC will have to pay market fees for contract farming under all these.
  • In Punjab, a separate rule for contract farming has been formulated.

Benefits of APMC

APMC has the following benefits: –

Through this act, farmers will be able to sell their crops in the markets themselves.
Under this Act, farmers will be able to private yard with the help of a permit card.
Farmers are not require to go to APMC through this scheme.
Under this scheme, all the farmers will not have to pay any fee for keeping the food items in the cold store.
Under this scheme, the farmer can sell his grains to whomever he wants.

Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC Full Form)

This will improve the accessibility of farmers to the market. The amendment has been taken to protect the interests of the farmers. So that it does not get caught in the debt burden and the intervention of middlemen can reduce.

After independence, moneylender or traders controlled the entire distribution system of villages in India. Due to which the farmers used to get very little benefit. To get rid of this and to benefit the farmers, the state governments set up agricultural markets, for which the APMC Acts were implement. The Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) is a marketing board, usually set up by a state government in India to protect farmers from exploitation of large retailers. So that the farmer does not get caught in the debt trap. At the same time, it also ensures that the price does not reach a high level from the farm to the retail price.

Conclusions: –

The amendment to the APMC act has brought great relief to the farmers. Under this scheme, farmers will not have to resort to any middleman (another person). What are APMC’s full form, APMC’s act, or advantages and disadvantages arising out of it? If you liked this article of ours, then please share it with your family and friends

FAQ’S About APMC Full Form

Q . What is APMC and how it works?

ans: Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMC) are the marketing boards establish by the state governments to eliminate the exploitation incidences of the farmers by the intermediaries, where they are force to sell their produce at extremely low prices.

Q . Who started APMC in India?

ans: The Government of India designed a model Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Act in 2003 as a first attempt to bring reformations in the agricultural markets. Provisions under this act were Newmarket channels other than APMC markets. Private wholesale markets.

Q.Is APMC a government?

ans: 1- It is a marketing committee that operates under the State Governments in India. 2- The APMC was introduce to safeguard the farmers from exploitation by creditors and other intermediaries.

Q. What is the function of APMC?

ans: APMCs operate on two principles: Ensure that farmers are not exploit by intermediaries (or money lenders) who compel farmers to sell their produce at the farm gate for an extremely low price. All food produce should first be brought to a market yard and then sold through an auction.

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