ALU Full Form – What Is Full Form of ALU?

ALU Full Form: Arithmetic Logic Unit, There are many parts of the computer in which one part acts like a brain, Aaja will talk about the same and will know what is the full form of ALU (ALU full form) and what is its full name in Hindi.

We have already done what is a computer and what is its history and features, which you can read carefully. Apart from this, we have also learned that how has become an essential part of human life.

This is the reason why today we thought that one part of the computer, ie, the ALU inside the CPU, should be given to you. Let us now know what is the full form of ALU (What is the full form of ALU in Hindi) and what is its Hindi meaning?

What is the full name of ALU?

The full form of ALU is the Arithmetic and Logic Unit.

Its full name in Hindi is Economic and Logic Unit. Its Hindi meaning is arithmetic and logical unit.

An economical and logic unit is a digital circuit under a block of central processing unit whose work is

Each computer has a processor that also has a digital circuit. that is used to complete arithmetic and logical processes.

This part of the computer is located inside the block of its CPU (Central Processing Unit).

In this new era, CPUs have complex and very powerful ALUs. In addition to ALU, the CPU of almost every computer currently has a CU (Control Unit).

ALU is what completes almost all the operations of the computer.

How does ALU work?

An ALU solves basic arithmetic and logical facts. Arithmetic operations whose following examples are subtraction, multiplication, and division, etc. Examples of logic operations such as values, and, and OR are its compression.

All information in a computer is store as binary numbers, which means 0 and 1.

Transistor switches are used to estimate numbers because they represent only two possible positions of a switch: Open or Close.

The first is an open transistor through which no current flows and it represents 0. The second one is a closed transistor through which current flows and it is represented by 1.

The operation is also completed by connecting multiple transistors. One transistor can be use to control another.

In reality, the transistor switch has to turn on or off depending on the state of the other transistor. It is denoted as a gate because the system is used to flow and stop the current.

The most simple operation in a kiss is of NOT gate.

It uses single transistors which have a single input and a single output.

What is the Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) in Hindi? (अर्थमेटिक लॉजिक यूनिट)

The arithmetic logic unit is one of the main three components of a central processing unit, including a memory unit and a control unit. ALU computer hardware consists of a digital circuit, the main function of an arithmetic logic unit is arithmetic. The main function of the logic unit is the arithmetic logic unit such as performing arithmetic tasks such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and doing as many tasks as mathematics, in addition to doing as many logic-related tasks as comparing, selecting, matching data. This type of merging performs the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). ALU design primarily for basic arithmetic operation only –

Arithmetic operation

  • – Subtract
  • + Add 
  • x Multiply
  • / Divide

Logic operation

  • <Less then
  • > Greater then
  • = equal to

All types of calculations and comparisons are done in the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). Prior to processing, the data that is in the primary memory (primary memory) and the instructions transfer to the Arithmetic Logic Unit and there But the process of their processing is that the results obtained from the Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) transfer to the primary memory and the data that is left in the primary memory or the final result after the processing is finish. They are delivered to you through an output device.

FAQ’S About AI full Form

Q. What is the meaning ALU?

Ans. Stands for “Arithmetic Logic Unit.” An ALU is an integrated circuit within a CPU or GPU that performs arithmetic and logic operations. Arithmetic instructions include addition, subtraction, and shifting operations, while logic instructions include boolean comparisons, such as AND, OR, XOR, and NOT operations.

Q. What are the types of ALU?

Ans. An ALU consists of three types of functional parts: storage registers, operations logic, and sequencing logic, as shown in Fig. 1.

Q. What is ALU call in English?

Ans. potato variable noun. Potatoes are vegetables with brown or red skins and white insides. /alu, ålU, aaloo, ålū/

Q. What is Alu with diagram?

Ans. The heart of every computer is an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). This is the part of the computer which performs arithmetic operations on numbers, e.g. addition, subtraction, etc. In this lab you will use the Verilog language to implement an ALU having 10 functions. The use of the case structure will make this job easy.

Q. What is ALU and its function?

Ans. An arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is a digital circuit use to perform arithmetic and logic operations. It represents the fundamental building block of the central processing unit (CPU) of a computer. … The control unit moves the data between these registers, the ALU, and memory.

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