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ABG Full Form In English: Arterial Blood Gas
ABG Full Form In Hindi: धमनी रक्त गैस


ABG Full Form– ABG is a type of test involving a human artery to measure the level of pH, bicarbonate, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hemoglobin, and acidity (pH) in arterial blood.

In simple words, the ABG test can also be used to measure the pH value of blood present, in order to find out how acidic the human blood is.


  • Oxygen saturation: 94 to 100 percent
  • Bicarbonate: 22 liters per liter per liter
  • The partial pressure of carbon dioxide: 38 to 42 mm Hg
  • Arterial blood pH: 7.38 to 7.42
  • Oxygen partial pressure: 75 to 100 mm Hg

Why does the ABG test go

  • To check the amount of O2 (oxygen) in the blood
  • To check for pH in the blood
  • Treat lung and detect respiratory problems
  • How well are your lungs working
  • Also measures acid-base balance in the blood
  • The kidneys and lungs check this acid-base balance.
  • For metabolic and kidney testing
  • To check the neck and head trauma
  • To know the level of acid in the blood

Key Components of ABG TEST Full Form

In this test, some medical terms are used, which doctors use to check the oxygen, carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, etc. present in the blood.

  • Ph
  • Partial Pressure Of Oxygen (Pao2)
  • Partial Pressure Of Carbon Dioxide (Paco2)
  • Bicarbonate (Hco3)
  • Oxygen Saturation (O2 Sat)
  • Oxygen Content (O2Ct)


The price of the Arterial Blood Gas test may vary in different cities, but when it comes to an ABG Test Average Price, it will be Rs. May be around 729.00,

Average price of this test in cities like Delhi is Delhi- Rs. 776.00, Starting Price Price Rs. Ranges from 140.00 to 1700.00

The average price of this test in Bangalore is Rs. 750.00, Starting Price Rs. Ranges from 700.00 to 1200.00 rupees

The average price of this test in Chennai is Rs. 800.00, Starting Price Rs. Ranges from 510.00 to 1800.00

Average Price of this ABG Test in Mumbai Delhi- Rs. 915.00, Starting Price Rs. Ranges from 350.00 to 1800.00


The word ABG has also been used in short form of other technical words. Let’s also have a look at what other full forms of ABG are. That is, ABG acronyms are used and which words to express it loosely.

  • Air Bursting Grenade
  • Artisan Builders Guild
  • Acoustic Bass Guitar
  • Alaska Botanical Gardens
  • Association Bernard Gregory
  • Alveolar Bone Graft
  • Adams Beverage Group
  • Aviation Boatswain’s Mate
  • Air Base Group
  • American Barley Genomic
  • Admission Blood Glucose
  • Artery Bypass Graft
  • Access Business Group (Alticor Corporation)
  • Airborne Battle Group (US DoD)
  • Asian Beach Games
  • Affiliated Business (Dallas, TX)
  • Arterial Blood Gas (test)
  • AeroBase Group (military parts distributor)
  • Ads by Google
  • Access Border Gateway
  • Axio Bucco gingival
  • After-Burning Grate
  • Australian Broadband Guarantee (initiative)
  • Artisan Baked Goods
  • Air Bag
  • Adventure Board Game (type of RPG)


Q. What is ABG test normal range?

Ans. An acceptable normal range of ABG values of ABG components are the following,[6][7] noting that the range of normal values may vary among laboratories and in different age groups from neonates to geriatrics: pH (7.35-7.45) PaO2 (75-100 mmHg) PaCO2 (35-45 mmHg)

Q. What does ABG mean in slang?

Ans. For those of you living under a rock (but we go to Berkeley, aren’t we all), you should know that ABG means “Asian Baby Girl/Gangster.” Here’s a quick guide on your ABG hunts!

Q. What is normal ABG pH?

Ans. Arterial blood pH: 7.38 to 7.42. Oxygen saturation (SaO2): 94% to 100% Bicarbonate (HCO3): 22 to 28 milliequivalents per liter (mEq/L)

Q. Why is ABG so painful?

Ans. How does having an arterial blood gases (ABG) test feel? Collecting blood from an artery is more painful than collecting it from a vein. That’s because the arteries are deeper and are surrounded by nerves.

Q. What is a ABG girl?

Ans. The ABG is a stereotype that applies to Asian-American girls, or more broadly, Asian girls who have grown up in Western countries. The standard ABG has dyed her hair some color of balayage, usually blonde, sports false eyelashes on the daily, and likes to wear bodycon clothing.

Q. What does AGB mean?


AGBAutomatic Gear Box
AGBAutonomous Guided Bomb
AGBAir Guard Base (US military)
AGBAmerican Guitar & Band

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